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/// High satisfaction ratings from Owners and Tenants


AvenueWest delivers the best rentals

The AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing program is specifically designed, tested and proven to deliver high quality rentals, exceeding both tenants and property owner expectations, while constantly maintaining the quality of every property.

We take pride in our full management service for all of our rentals:

  • Providing quality rentals for our tenants
  • Properly servicing the individual needs of each owner and property
  • Spending a lot of time with both our tenants and properties to keep satisfaction high

AvenueWest brings the best properties into our inventory, assisting with furnishings, providing housecleaning and maintenance services, and working with owners and tenants to assure they get the most from their investment.


AvenueWest works with tenant and owner needs whenever possible. Our office is open all week long with people, not machines, answering the phones to get answers to your questions, handle maintenance requests, and keep all properties up to par and rented.

We’re Experts at Serving Both Tenants and Property Owners

Tenants want their unit to be quality, conveniently located, and affordable. We make sure their needs are taken care of in a timely manner.

Property owners want to be well informed and educated about their properties. We understand that owners cannot afford to have their units sit vacant because something doesn’t work, the unit is out of date, or overpriced.

We Take Care of All the Details For You

  • Maintenance requests
  • Process all rental payments
  • Negotiate with tenants to maintain high occupancies
  • Process monthly utility payments
  • Produce year-end income statements including 1099s and expense reports.
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