Property Management

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Your Expert Property Management Company in Raleigh NC

Experience the AvenueWest difference!  After 20 years of experience, our managed corporate housing system is proven to deliver high satisfaction from both owners and tenants. As an expert property management company in Raleigh NC, we understand your home is a valuable asset and listen to your needs while guiding you through the programs opportunities to make your investment profitable.  Our office is open Monday through Friday with people, not machines, answering the phones to get answers to your questions, handle maintenance requests, and keep all properties up to par and rented. We manage the details so that you don’t have to.

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Unfurnished Property Management

Like our furnished property management program, AvenueWest has a full service program for managing your property as an unfurnished rental in most of our local markets. We handle all aspects of the rental like finding and screening tenants, marketing your property, and negotiating with tenants to maintain high occupancies. Owners can expect hands-off service, meaning we take the calls for everything!

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